There’s no real rhyme or reason to the links you’ll find on this page – some of them are other authors I enjoy reading, some are blogs that make me laugh, others are sites I’ve found invaluable for research. I’ll update them whenever something new strikes me.

TwistedMonk Bondage Rope: If you’re going to tie up your sweetie for a little fun and games, these are the folks to see. They have the best product around and customer service that’s second to none. And without them, my story The Boy Next Door, which will be out this July in Secrets Volume 27, would never have happened.

Jennifer Crusie: A wonderful writer and a highly entertaining public speaker. A lot of people threaten, but I bet she actually WOULD confiscate your cell phone if it rang during her talk, and I bet that would be really funny.

Janet Evanovich: The Plum Series is my not-so-guilty pleasure – and I’ve got my boyfriend hooked on it now, too!

The Sexy People Blog: Vintage prom pictures, family portraits, and school snapshots sure to make you cringe and laugh at the same time. You won’t be able to stop looking, or laughing.

Stop Internet Censorship: Lots of good tips on keeping your email safe, how to deal with being hacked, and general First Amendment issues related to internet use.

Savage Love: My favorite sex advice column. There’s a podcast too – makes those miles on the treadmill almost tolerable!

Tabla Mediterranean Bistro: This is my FAVORITE restaurant in Portland, and I always have to tell new people I meet all about it. Delightful food, amazing wine, incredibly reasonable prices. If you’re ever in the area, GO!

Powell’s City of Books: My other favorite thing in Portland, because besides food, books are right up there in my hierarchy of needs. You can order online, but if you’re in the area and the idea of being in the middle of several thousand square feet surrounded by every kind of book imaginable makes you tingle in your happy place, then this is the store for you.