There are a lot of ways to keep track of me in the world these days – frankly, some days too many for comfort!  But here are a few of them, in case you really REALLY need find me.

Email me: I check my email every day (some people might say obsessively, but who cares what some people say?) and I love to hear from readers. Questions, comments, accolades (I really like those)…send me whatever you’ve got!

Follow me on Twitter: I update here more than anywhere else, random bits from my every day life. If you expect them to be profound or even make sense, I’m sorry, you will be disappointed. 

Facebook: Yes, I’ve jumped on the bandwagon. Hey, everyone else is doing it. ;-)  With everything else going on I don’t know how often I’ll update, but I’m there!



I’ve opened a yahoo group to make it easier to get news, contest information, and excerpts to those of you who are interested in such things. Simply fill in your email address in the space below and click the button to sign up.

Now, don’t worry that this is going to fill up your email – we’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – we’re too lazy for that (and by we I mean me). It stays pretty quiet, even after I changed the settings so anyone could post to the list, so you can rest easy on that score. Everyone is pretty cool, and it’s a good way to meet new folks who like the same things you do. Plus, you’ll get first crack at contests, notification of new releases and excerpts of works in progress.

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